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Do you believe in the spirit world?
Do you have any Paranormal Activity going  on in your home, Company, or Office that you may need Investigated ? Do you know any places that maybe Spooky, or Haunted  We Can Help You, been doing Paranormal Investigations since 1977, with many years of Experience We are here to help you.
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Tips On Ghost Hunting
01. NO alcohol - while or in use of any controlled dangerous substances. 
02. NO Trespassing - Always get permission to conduct an investigation.
03. NO smoking - smoke can be mistakenly photographed as mist.
04. NEVER - go alone It's always good to have an extra pair of eyes.
05. BE RESPECTFUL - to the dead that are laid to rest.
06. MAINTAIN EQUIPMENT -  Make sure all of your equipment is in perfect working condition.
07. EXTRA BATTERIES - You never know when that flashlight, camera, recorder is going to run out of juice.
08. FLASHLIGHT - Always bring a flashlight, you will need it.
09. NOTEBOOK - Its always a good idea to take a pen & notebook to document the investigation.
10. RESEARCH INFORMATION - make sure you gather information on the place you are investigating.
11. REMOVE THE CAMERA STRAP - remove your camera strap before you do your investigation. 
12. NEVER - take photos while walking or driving, you may very well pick-up dirt or dust particles.
13. NEVER - take pictures in snow, rain or any bad weather. or cold weather, your breath will show up in the picture
14. NEVER - take pictures directly at the sun..

Ghost Hunting Meanings
Apparition - An image with distinct features that enables one to recognize it as a person or specific object.
Cold Spot - An place that's much colder than the surrounding area.
Demon - A demon is a supernatural being that has generally been described as a malevolent spirit, and in Christian terms it generally understood as an angel not following God.
Demonology - Demonology is the systematic study of demons or beliefs about demons. Insofar as it involves exegesis, demonology is an orthodox branch of theology.
Electro-Magnetic Field Detector - This device is used to detect high energy.
Electronic Voice Phenomenon - (EVP) recording on audiotape,or videotape, film, or digital recorder for which there is no physical source.
Entity - An entity is something that has a distinct, separate existence.
Evil - Evil refers to the morally or ethically objectionable behaviour or thought; behavior or thought which is hateful, cruel, excessively sexual, or violent, devoid of conscience.
Exorcism - Disturbing or possessing a human being or place that humans frequent.
Ghost - supernatural entities.
Ghost Hunters - A group looking for Ghost
Gray Ladies - ghosts of women who supposedly died violently.
Haunting - Ghosts or spirits attached to the location.
Intelligent Haunting - Paranormal activity that's aware of its surroundings & willing communicate with you.
Manifestation - The materialized form of a spirit.
Medium - A person who posess the ability to communicate with spirits of deceased people (and sometimes pets). 
Orb - Energy anomalies that are recorded on film, digital cameras, infrared monitors, and videotape.
Portal - A doorway, entrance, or gate between two worlds, the physical and the spiritual.
Psychic - person who possess extra-sensory abilities, including: clairvoyance, psychometry and precognition, who can sometimes communicate with spirits, ghosts or entities.
Paranormal -  Something not normal 
Poltergeist - A ghost that presence though sounds, & moving objects
Residual Haunting - A Paranormal activity from the past that plays over & over, like a recording
Ritual - A ritual is act of ceremony which is a set of actions, performed mainly for their symbolic value, which is prescribed by a religion or by the traditions of a community.
Spirit - Discarnate being, essence or supernatural force of nature.
Supernatural - Events that take place beyond, or in violation of, the laws of nature.
Witchcraft - A witch is a wizard, sorcerer, warlock and magician.

Ghost Hunting Equipment Needed
                   There are some basic equipment that every paranormal investigator Needs. 
01: Camera - Digital or camera is a 35 mm with 400 speed film or higher
02: Flashlight - Their are many flashlights you can use, I recommend a powerful one and 2 or 3 other size, a pocket size is also good to have.
03: Notebook & Pen  You should use a notebook to keep track of weather conditions, Time & Date, and also keep a record of any unusual experiences. 
04: EMF Detector -  (Electro-Magnetic Field Detector) This Item, Paranormal Investigators use to measure the field around them. 
05: Audio Recorder -  Electronic voice phenomena (EVP). you can use this in analog, which uses a cassette, and digital, external microphone come in handy
06: Camcorder -  Video recorders can be used to document an investigation. I recommended one with night vision
07: Thermal Meter -  This measures ambient air temperature,use this to watch it indicate a decrease or increase of the temperature, works great for cold spots
08: Motion Detector -  This measure physical movement within a certain range.
09: Batteries - Always remember to bring extra Batteries, a ghost will drain your batteries.
10: Food & Water - You should always take food & water, also a first-aid kit.